Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use this tool?

You should pick the role that your team needs and think about the lane that you will go to. Even if you are using a picker it doesn't mean that you should pick last (you may want to leave that for your mid or carry so that they don't get countered). Try to analyze why certain heroes work better in certain lineups, even if you do this after the game has ended. It will make you a better player.
Drafting and picking is a huge part of Dota 2. This tool will help you when making decisions, but you should use your own judgement.

How do you calculate the suggestions?

The suggestions are calculated statistically from millions of games. By default it uses hero advantages (a measure of the matchup between two heroes), but there is also a mode that uses win rates.

What other features to you have?

Charts and Bonus Points which vary throughout the game can be shown and used with the suggestions.
Selectors can be used to only show succestion for specific lanes or roles. Matchup tables help with win predictions.
We have a premium service as low as 1$ / month. Besides many other things it adds bonus scores when calculating hero suggestions based on how well you played lately with each of the heroes. This should make the picker mould around your play style.

How often is this tool updated?

We usually update our data every week. It takes a while when a new patch comes as a day or two of gameplay do not produce a large enough sample to make accurate suggestions.

Where do you take your data from?

The data is taken directly from Valve, which provides the Steam Web API.

I logged in, why don't you have my matches?

You need to expose your match data to third parties so that we can fetch it.
How to enable "Public Match Data":
• Open the Dota 2 game client and click the Settings icon.
• Navigate to "Options".
• Check the box of "Expose Public Match Data".

Why don't you have a phone app?

We don't have an iPhone or Android app, we think the best way to use a picker is inside the Steam Overlay Web Browser.

Why do you require the steam user and password when logging in?

We don't. You're entering the user and password on Valves website. We are using Steam OpenID - this allows our application to authenticate a user's SteamID without requiring them to enter their Steam username or password on our site. We never know your password. It's safe and officially supported.