Automating the painful process of manually introducing
the heroes picked or banned by teammates and enemies.


choose an app

We have created an API which app developers can use to send pick info to our servers.
Check the list below for apps developed so far.

set your
connection tokens

For the app to work you must introduce your id and dotapicker security token on the app.
You can find your credentials on your profile page.
Check you chosen app documentation to see how to enter you credentials.


Login on
The app and dotapicker should now be connected.


The picks will be automatically updated.
All you need to do now is see what suggestion fits you best.


Every user can store up to 30 energy.
Every match in which the autopicker will be used will consume one energy.
One energy will regenerate each 12 hours the user does not use the autopicker.
Powerups will be added, which will either increase the energy capacity or make regeneration faster.
Personal users use alternative power and can use the Autopicker without consuming energy.


You need to install an app which gets the pick data from your computer.

Overwolf App

Link: DotaPicker's AutoPicker
Installs: 34931
Technology: OCR
Description: a very well established software platform endorsed by many large gaming organizations, confirmed by Valve to be VAC safe.

If you are an app developer and want to create an app or integrate our API check this page.


Why do I need to install something?
There is no official method of getting the picks from a game before the game finishes.
Installing something to either sniff the network, read the process memory or use OCR to process print screens is currently the only way.

Did you build these apps?
No, we only built the API through which the apps can send the pick info to our servers.

Will I get VAC banned?
We will only list apps which use methods which are acknowledged as safe and stood the test of time.

Will somebody else be able to submit picks for my account to jam me?
No, besides your steam id, which is publicly available, someone else would also need to know your security token, which only you can see on your profile page.

How do I know if the app is connected or if there are errors?
There are 4 icons, each representing something different.
- there is no communication between the app and you account or you are not logged in.
- the app communicates but there are errors which are explained on the hover tooltip.
- everything is ok - the app communicates with your account and is accepting picks.
- the autopicker feature was paused by clicking the ok icon. Click again to unpause.