Would you like to go PERSONAL?

We are two (not web) developers working in their spare time. This project started as a hobby and a learning project but it became appreciated by the community pretty fast. We strive to make it better, but lack of time and funding are issues. We thought about developing a premium plan, called PERSONAL, complementary to what the website currently offers, but first we would like to know what the community thinks about this.

    What PERSONAL will offer:
  • Not much, but it will help us make this website better
  • No ads
  • Personalized scores based on how good you are with each hero, added to the hero suggestions
  • Favorite and hated heroes selection
  • Editable information (like hero roles and points)
  • Customizable algorithm for suggestions

We thought about pricing this at 1-1.5$ per month, probably in multiple-month bundles because of high commissions on small sums. We want to have PERSONAL as cheap as possible so that everyone in any part of the world can afford it (whoever thinks we did great and deserve more can always donate). Our top priorities will be to invest in better graphics (we seem to be bad at it), high-quality libraries and hosting.

Our main focus will always be on having the best picking tool, which will always be free. We will continue to develop the free features the community is suggesting and the ideas we have. The PERSONAL plan would be highly player-oriented: customizing the suggestion algorithms and giving suggestions based on personal play style are the key features we have in mind.

Voting has ended. You can see the results here.

The PERSONAL package is only intended for the Complete Picker (not the Counter Picker or Teammate Picker); saying that you would like to go PERSONAL implies no responsibility; according to your answers we would just know if it is worth starting this project. You will not have to buy anything if you say YES . If the community gives us positive feedback, it might take a while for us to implement all the features.